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State of the art software development

SafeCape Software Solutions is a Silver ISV Microsoft Partner and recognized ISV, developing high technology information systems and innovative software applications.

The company specializes in solutions utilizing cutting-edge Microsoft technologies and is a dedicated Microsoft Visual Studio reseller.

SafeCape has developed a wide range of state-of-the-art software solutions including:

  • Rules Toolset - a cloud-based, efficient tool for delivering personalized healthcare information. The Rules Toolset is a unique product that supports scientists to transform the synergistic input of nutritional, biological, medical and genetic information into a comprehensive report in the simplest way, regardless the complexity of the logic.
  • Insurance.Office - a holistic software suite for the private insurance sector, integrating CRM, sales, accounting, claims management, cross-selling etc.
  • Custom-designed end-to-end solutions – targeting the banking sector, the private and public insurance and re-insurance sectors and the healthcare industry.  

Finally, our company provides consulting services concerning software development, application lifecycle management and cloud computing.


The Next Generation of Testing: New testing capabilities with Visual Studio 2010

SafeCape presented 'The Next Generation of Testing: New testing capabilities with Visual Studio 2010' on 12/05/2011 at the premises of Microsoft Hellas. Download the presentations (in Greek):

Real life testing using Lab Management
Load Testing and Demos
Using Visual Studio 2010 for developing Office applications