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state-of-the-art insurance brokerage management solution


Insurance.Office is a state-of-the-art and user-friendly software solution for Insurance Brokerage management. It covers all kinds of policy management tasks, endorsements and renewals, as well as all related financial tasks.

Main features

  • Integrated CRM (Customer relationship management) that enables customer-centric management of policies and customer charges
  • A powerful agent commission system that supports an unlimited number of levels and can be analyzed according to insurance company/branch/cover/usage (motor branch) or commission change per year, premium range and contract duration (life branch)
  • User-friendly definition and management of insurance branches and covers per insurance company
  • Automatic calculation of incoming commissions (from insurance companies) and outgoing commissions (to agents) based on the predefined “per agent” commission system or based on the commission distribution that applies to a specific insurance policy
  • Automatic calculation of incoming and outgoing commissions by just assigning the seller of the policy
  • Scheduling of charge and credit payment (with set-off option) 
  • Redemption of scheduled charges/credits through financial transactions, providing full control over the history of all financial transactions at any time
  • The introduction of "insurance products" as "sets of covers" minimizes data entry for new policies
  • Insurance objects are managed autonomously, minimizing the need for data entry and typing errors, providing full insurance history per object (e.g. vehicle, property, natural or legal person, ship etc.)
  • Association of CRM entities based on various roles (e.g. drivers, owners, renters, dependants etc.) providing better overall information and highlighting new insurance opportunities
  • Managing multiple Insurance Brokerage Offices through one application
  • Offering auto-updates for the system’s parameters (vehicle makes, models, postal codes etc.) and import of insurance company specific files
  • Export of financial transactions into our accounting application (Accounting.Office©) or proprietary accounting software
  • Synchronization of customer information and appointments with Microsoft Outlook and mobile phone
  • Backup your data with just a click!
  • Scheduling and keeping track of communication with your clients
  • Easy grouping of contracts, clients, partners and many features available for contact groups, such as bulk SMS, bulk e-mail, label printing addresses etc
  • Insurance.Office can be hosted on Microsoft Azure platform, assuring scalability, performance and security.