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If you have the knowledge, we have the software to unleash it!

Rules Toolset

The efficient tool to deliver personalized healthcare information

As knowledge accumulates over the years, combining and filtering it to give individual-specific information becomes a harder task every day. Our team has developed a generic toolset to help companies to deliver personalized information to consumers.  

The Rules Toolset©consists of a number of modules and applications:

  1. The Modeler Service
  2. The Model Editor application
  3. The Report Generator Service
  4. The Report Template Editor application
  5. The Quality Control system

The Rules Toolset© helps companies to transform their domain-specific knowledge into attractive consumer services and products easily. 

Below is an example of a personalized report created by Rules Toolset©.

The Rules Toolset© is a unique product that supports scientists to transform the synergistic input of nutritional, biological, medical and genetic information into a comprehensive report in the simplest way, regardless the complexity of the logic.