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Rules Toolset: Quality Control

The Rules Toolset© comes with a built-in version control for both models as well as report templates while the Rules Toolset© is completed with a Quality Control system.

The built in version control elements allows to build on previous versions, either to improve them or to create completely new products developed from existing models, without losing control, without losing the logic already developed, and without breaking the previous versions even when implementing the new version.

The QualityControl, is a sophisticated self-learning computer system that completes the Rules Toolset© to its “serve-the-industry” mission.  

In this Quality Control system, for example, each time that a new genetic variation/biomarker input combination is recognized by input variables, formula definition and output result, the specific combinations are registered to serve as benchmark, confirmation points necessary for results.

The Quality Control allows the model validation against previous produced reports. In other systems, if a change was made to the product configuration program, a series of “control-reports” have to be checked manually. With inbuilt controls in the Rules Toolset©, changes can be made and checked in minutes with minimal resourcing requirements.