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Report Generator

Report Generator produces the final result based on a template in combination with the result of the Modeler. The Report Generator produces an OpenXML document that consists of a Report Template in combination with the data of the XML document generated by the Modeler. The procedure is based on an OpenXML template and the use of XPath for injection of data.

Report Templates are the templates of the desired consumer’s personalized report. It’s a .docx file with special placeholders that are replaced during the report generation procedure.

Report Templates are designed with ReportTemplate Editor.

Report Generator is a web service that can be integrated into your own application work flow.

Below you can see some report examples, from simple ones to more advanced. 

Very complex report exampleVery complex report example
A very complex report -each image is dynamic
A fairly simple reportA fairly simple report
Contains text and dynamic graphics
A complex report exampleA complex report example
Includes complex auto-generated graphics along with dynamic tables