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Report Template Editor

The Report Generator uses Report Templates for advanced personalized reports creation.

Report templates are designed with a WPF Application called Report Template Editor, which through a Microsoft’s Word VSTO add-in, creates a Word Document serving as the Report Template. The Word VSTO add-in is compatible with MS Office 2007 or later version. The Rules Toolset© supports specific needs relevant for level formatting. For instance, if one of the answers generated from the genetic analysis implies a specific health impact, the information must be flagged with a patent color for identification purposes.

The Report Template Editor is an extremely user-friendly tool for the creation of the personal report template while is very easy to use. The integration of the Model Editor and the Template Editor allows draft reports to be generated in real time while building the product configuration model in the Model Editor. The ability to monitor the characteristics of the report as the model is being constructed in the Rules Toolset© is very valuable in terms of efficiency and productivity.