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Be productive

The Rules Toolset© offers companies the ability to exponentially increase productivity. The Rules Toolset© gives any operator the ability to create new models from scratch for generating personalized consumer reports in a variety of formats including, xml, doc, docx, pdf, html, etc. The Rules Toolset© lays out all of the required components such as, rules, constants, variable text elements, questionnaire inputs and gene definitions in one logical, intuitive interface. With all the information in one place, the Rules Toolset©makes it easy to see how the specific product model is developing and how the different areas of the product configuration relate each other. The creation of the entries is simple for the user, and the UI helps the user to make the correct choices and gives templates for formulas. One very important factor in the product configuration process is that the model is created in XML and the model editor helps the user with the correct syntax for creating the formulas.

Features that greatly aid user productivity include:

Overall, the Rules Toolset© works very efficiently, enabling the whole process (from conception to finished cross-checked report) to be controlled by a single operator.