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Architecture-technology used

Be flexible with cutting-edge technology

The architecture of the Rules Toolset© provides great flexibility as both the Modeler and the Report Generator are WCF Web Services.

In general, the Rules Toolset© system can be utilized as a web service following the “Software as a Service” approach.

This application and approach is extremely important from both a technical point of view as well as from a business point of view. From a technical point of view this approach allows the development of applications that use the system as part of a desired workflow where the web site can utilize the system as a web server getting the report as a .PDF document. From a business point of view, this approach gives companies the opportunity to introduce new forms of delivery for the product in terms of specific product configurations for different vendors and clients in the global marketplace.

In terms of the issue of sensitive data managed by the Rules Toolset©, such as personal genetic and medical data, the solution is based on SQL Server 2008 built-in security features and PKI infrastructure and is managed without the need of changing the application of the Rules Toolset©.

The Rules Toolset© is also available as a Windows Azure hosted service, assuring scalability, performance and security.