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If you have the knowledge, we have the software to unleash it!


The Rules Toolset© consists of a number of modules and applications:

The first and most important of the modules is a Windows application called the Modeler, which is a machine that evaluates input values compared to a specific model.

We have adopted a modelling approach to improve the efficiency of product (report) development. An XML language for the Rules Toolset was developed to express models that govern all of the complex interactions regarding genetic variations, lifestyle characteristics and biophysical and biomedical data. The syntax of this XML language allows greater freedom to express logic and numerical rules using concepts, and multiple types of formulas. The XML language specification permits concepts to be nested and includes formulas using other formulas as operands. Using the XML language to build the logic, allows the definition of models in the form of XML files.

The Modeler is available as a Web Service in order to be integrated  into your own application work flow.

The Modeler is a required module for any Rules Toolset© installation.